Dear Rosie, It's Heaven Anytime you sing a lullaby I look forward to hear from your Beauty.
Could you see She flies ! She says ! Now she knows…
While Daffodils are swinging into a Softness wind, Stars above listen to the sounds... of a Wistful heart beating... 

The debut album "It's Heaven" released in April 2008. A less is more style and handsome arrangements. 
A debut album that can be listened to "as if it were a Martini on the rocks" or "a stylish journey under a protecting umbrella". It's as if it suddenly "makes you feel at home" as if it "water flows quietly from song to song", with a depth of feeling that makes you feel at ease.

"Une pop catchy aux inflexions jazz qui déborde de style et d'élégance. Terriblement laidback, avec un joli sens du swing; "It's Heaven" s'écoute avec un réel plaisir. Le talent, la maîtrise et la qualité sont bien là. Cet album aux atmosphères variées ne saurait se limiter au seul registre jazz. On y trouve de ci - de là, un petit caractère dylanien, un groove renvoyant au meilleur du funk ou encore un côté assez rock. Un artiste à découvrir!" 
Rif Raf, 2008



The album "Beings" October 27, 2014. 
Solar introspective cool pop jazzy blues songs peppered with catchy brass and rich layers of poppy and urban melodies in both English and French - A soothing journey of musical poetry and contrasting stories and atmospheres.