"-Got nothing to declare nothing much i swear     i just breath some air do i need to declare-"

" -Eternity is a human detail -  "



Vincent Scarito


Acteur, auteur, compositeur, interprète, le belgo-italien Vincent Scarito produit une pop catchy, solaire, mélodieuse et introspective qui se distingue par l’originalité de son style, une voix douce, un ton assez laidback, de riches mélodies jazzy aux accents urbains, et que ce soit en anglais ou en français, son grain de voix vous emmène dans un univers musical poétique, revigorant d'atmosphères et d'histoires contrastées.

Actor, author, composer, performer, Belgian-Italian Vincent Scarito produces a catchy, solar, melodious and introspective pop catchy that stands out for the originality of its style, a soft voice, a rather ugly tone, rich jazzy melodies with urban accents, and whether in English or French, his voice takes you into a poetic musical universe, invigorating atmospheres and contrasting stories.

Enjoyed singing and acting during his childhood , he went to National Art Drama Academy, acted in many theaters, touring, playing Shakespeare, Edward Bond, Dario Fo,Tchekhov, etc. plus he played in feature films  with amongst others Benoît Jacquot, Nicole Palo, Raoul Peck, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Patrice Leconte, Gérard Corbiau, Gilles Paquet Brenner, François Vautier and for television films with amongst Thierry Poiraud et Julien Despaux, Jacques Malaterre,Didier Albert,Josée Dayan, etc. One day,with a brand new guitar he bought in India, he started something he really never thought of, or decided: writing songs.